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Helical Piles By Marine Construction Professionals In New York

Looking for a helical piles in New York? DRG Construction are your helical piling and marine construction experts.

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Our Helical Piles Process

  1. Site Assessment: Each helical pile installation begins with a thorough site assessment conducted by our experienced team. We analyze soil conditions, load requirements, and project specifications to design a customized foundation solution.
  1. Specialized Equipment Setup: DRG Construction utilizes state-of-the-art hydraulic drilling equipment or excavators with hydraulic attachments, tailored to the unique demands of helical pile installation. Our equipment is calibrated for precision, ensuring optimal performance.
  1. Pre-Drilling (if required): In scenarios where pre-drilling is necessary, our team efficiently creates pilot holes to facilitate smoother helical pile installation, especially in challenging soil conditions.
  1. Helical Pile Installation: The helical piles, featuring our cutting-edge designs, are expertly screwed into the ground with hydraulic machinery. Throughout the process, torque and depth are closely monitored to guarantee alignment with design specifications. The torque values provide valuable insights into soil resistance and load-bearing capacity.
  1. Load Testing (Optional): As part of our commitment to quality assurance, DRG Construction offers optional load testing to validate the capacity and performance of the installed helical piles. This step ensures that our foundation solutions meet and exceed project requirements.
  1. Trimming or Extensions (if required): Once the helical piles reach the designated depth and load-bearing capacity, our team adeptly trims them to the appropriate length or extends them with additional sections as needed.
  1. Foundation Attachment: Depending on project specifics, the helical piles are professionally attached to the foundation elements, establishing a secure connection that serves as the backbone for the entire structure.
  1. Backfilling and Site Preparation: DRG Construction meticulously backfills the area around the installed helical piles, preparing the site for subsequent construction phases while minimizing environmental impact.
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Why Choose DRG Construction?

  1. Expertise: DRG Construction brings a wealth of expertise and a proven track record in helical pile installations, ensuring precision and reliability.
  2. Efficiency: Our commitment to efficiency means that helical pile installations are executed promptly without compromising safety or quality.
  1. Custom Solutions: We prioritize a client-centric approach, tailoring our helical pile installations to meet the unique requirements of each project.

Choose DRG Construction for helical pile installations that set the standard for stability and innovation. Trust us to provide foundation solutions that not only support your structures but also pave the way for enduring construction excellence.

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What Is A Helical Pile?

 What is a helical pile? A helical pile, also known as a helical pier or screw pile, is a deep foundation system used to support structures, especially in areas with challenging soil conditions.

It consists of a steel shaft with helical (spiral) flights welded to it, resembling a large screw. The installation of helical piles involves mechanically screwing the pile into the ground using hydraulic machinery.

This process offers several advantages, such as minimal disturbance to the surrounding soil and the ability to penetrate various types of subsurface conditions, including rocky or unstable terrain.

Helical piles are particularly useful in projects requiring load-bearing capacity, such as building foundations, retaining walls, or boardwalks.

They can be employed in both residential and commercial construction, providing a reliable and efficient foundation solution.

The helical design of the pile enhances its load-bearing capacity by increasing the surface area in contact with the soil. Additionally, helical piles can be easily monitored and tested during installation to ensure they meet specific engineering requirements.

In summary, a helical pile is a versatile and effective foundation system, providing stability and load-bearing support in diverse soil conditions, making it a valuable solution in construction projects where traditional foundations may be impractical or challenging.